The Blue Jays Bandwagon

Now that the Jays have beat the Yankees twice and solidify the first wild card spot for the playoffs, a lot of fans who jumped off the Blue Jays wagon will probably be jumping back onto it.

We don’t mind fans who jump on and off and on again the Blue Jays bandwagon. However, bandwagon jumpers sometimes simply panic too easily.

Last week, a work colleague of mine came into my office and said, “What’s the matter with the Blue Jays? They are not going to make it.” My reply was: “Whether they make the playoffs or not, I am just have a fan who has enjoyed the season. Win or lose, I make no money from the team. They are trying their best and sometimes good teams lose.” I then questioned my colleague whether he was jumping off the bandwagon?

He was taken aback first by my question, but realized that I had asked it because too many times fans can be very fickle in their support of a team. A true fan of the game should see their team through the good times and the bad. And now with two wins over the rival Yankees, and Baltimore falling out a Wild Care spot, Blue Jays fans are once again enjoying “good times”.

As fans, we really do need to put things in perspective. I think the same must be said of sports writers whenever they begin to express criticism about a team or a player, particularly when they are involved in a play-off race. The pressure to perform is enormous, and sometimes players, like all other humans, press too hard and fail to perform at their best.

Our message to the bandwagon hoppers: “Welcome aboard. Remain calm, committed and loyal.” Enjoy the entertainment – win or lose – especially when there is no doubt that Blue Jays management over the past couple of years has done much to put a winning team on the field.

And, again, please remember that good teams sometimes lose. The Giants and the Orioles have badly slipped in the standings, and they too are good teams.

Go Blue Jays Go!

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