Let’s enjoy what we have in our Jays

It was hard last week to be a Blue Jays fan. Series losses to the Tampa Bay Rays and the Baltimore Orioles was followed by a series sweep at the hands of the New York Yankees.

As a result of these losses, our team lost first place to the Boston Red Sox and are now in a wild card position.

It is easy for fans in this kind of a situation to jump off the team bandwagon and to level criticism at players, coaches and the rules regarding expanded rosters. In the games against the Yankees, Buck Martinez and crew were very displeased with the ability of the Yankees to constantly switch pitchers because of their expanded roster. The fact, however, is that each teams plays by the same rules. The Jays have an expanded roster, yet the reality in the three-game series was that talent displayed by the Yankee call-ups was outstanding. The Yankees have some talented young players who have made their team stronger and so we should be hesitant to criticize the ability of their organization to produce good baseball talent on the basis that these young players should essentially not be allowed to play September baseball against teams built on the 25-player roster.

When the Jays acquired David Price and Troy Tulowitzki last year, it came at a hefty price. A lot of potential young talent was lost and with Martin now injured (day-to-day), Bautista trying to reacquire his batting stroke after being on the disabled list, and other Jays looking tired and banged up, the lack of depth in the Jays farm system is showing.

Nevertheless, Jays fans should not despair. The roster is currently filled with very talented players, some of whom are veterans and some of whom are very young.

We believe that the Jays have the experience to qualify for the play-offs this year. Jays fans should back them 100 percent.

And if the Jays happen do not make the play-offs, then we should understand that in sports the best teams, or the teams that are perceived to the best because of top records, are not the teams that always win.

To the Blue Jays players who follow our blog or who read it, we remain on your bandwagon. Play to the best of your abilities and remember most that the game of baseball is not always about slaughtering the opponent or believing that you are invincible vis-a-vis another team; it is about having fun and enjoying that many of us can only dream about being talented enough to play. In playing to have fun and enjoying the game, the wins will take care of themselves.

Originally published at bluejaysblog.ca