Jays Number Four In The Power Rankings, But Have A Tough Road Ahead

This week, the Toronto Blue Jays have a tough road ahead.

Tonight, the team kicks off a three game series in Baltimore to face the Orioles.  This also kicks off a nine game road trip.

This road trip is crucial because it probably is going to determine if the Jays make it to the postseason or not.

Besides Baltimore, the Jays are going to have to face the New York Yankees, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Boston Red Sox.

As of now, the Blue Jays are two games ahead of the Bosox. in the American League Eastern Division standings.

This past weekend, the Jays swept the Minnesota Twins, putting the team at number four in this week’s Power Rankings.

However, Toronto allowed the Twins to score a total of 21 runs in the three game series.

The Jays are going to get burned if the team allows Boston or even Baltimore to score that amount of runs.

The biggest test for the Blue Jays is going to be in Tampa Bay.  Tropicana Field has not been too friendly to Toronto in recent years.  Wins at that stadium have come at a minimum.