Canada Future Looks Bright

To sum up the Rio Olympics on a Canadian perspective.


This time around, Canadian athletes proved the nation is just as competitive in the summer games as it is in the winter.

In Rio, Canada got the nation’s first gold medal ever in high jump, thanks to Derick Drouin.

In fact, Canada won six medals in the track and field event.  Andre De Grasse’s three medals amongst them.

In the pool, Penny Olesiak, 16, was the star for Canada, winning four medals (a gold, a silver, and two bronze).  She became the first Canadian Olympian to win four medals in a single Olympic games.

At the end of the games, Canada had a total of 22 medal, surpassing the London 2012 Olympics (18).

The goal for Canada was to crack the top 12 in Rio De Janeiro in the medal standings.  Well, Canada surpassed that.

Canada ended up in 10th place.

As for the athletes who didn’t win medals.  Don’t dwell on it.  Quite a few of you came close.  In fact, I feel this probably was the best Canadian Olympic team ever assembled in a long time.

The best thing about this team, it is full of young talented athletes.

The future looks bright for Canada.




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