Nike Dropping Their Golf Equipment Department

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Nike is dropping their golf equipment division

Remember 20 years ago when Nike ruled the sporting world, including golf.  Well, it is no longer going to cater to golf anymore.

The sporting goods company has decided this week that it is dropping the golf equipment division.

Nike built their golf division around Tiger Woods almost 20 years ago.

As Wood’s fame rose, the golf division’s sales rose.

Now things are different.

Tiger is no longer competing because of injuries.

Not to mention that Woods is 40 years-old.

As a result, golf equipment sales at Nike have dropped significantly.

Now that Nike has dropped their golf division, Callaway Golf is reaping the benefits.

I also believe that new apparel companies, such as Under Armour, are taking away sales from Nike.

I’m not too surprised about this.  I always thought Nike was too expensive.  During the 1990’s, I wore Reebok because their clothing and shoes were cheaper.

I guess the Nike swoosh is on the way out.


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