An Undeserved Champion

Could a team win an important title with only one win in seven 90 minutes? Could a team gain an important title if they only are in front 73 minutes out of 720 minutes? It seems impossible, but Portugal is the Euro 2016 champions, unbelievable and could be known undeserved.

“It takes luck.” it is a famous phrase regarding winning tournaments like Euro, World Cup, and UCL, and for now, it exactly refers to Portugal achievement. They classified as a third team with 3 ties in 3 games in the group stage, and against small teams such as Austria and Hungary. Can you imagine how a team which can’t beat Austria and Hungary, can be the champions of Europe? Portugal have defended well, but in offensive phase, they haven’t had an effective plan and only have looked for a rival’s mistake or an individual skill; moreover, the drawing helped them so much; Italy, Germany, France, and Spain were on one side, and on the other side there are Portugal, Iceland, Poland, and Wales. To be the champions in Euro, many factors are decisive, but in the success of Portugal, “luck” has a big share and results in having won a major tournament for the first time in their history.

France seemed more deserved to win the final, but if the tournament is reviewed completely Germany can be considered as a worthy team to be the champion. Germany have played organized and effective; however, some small details resulted in the failure. They granted two awkward penalties to Italy and France and the second one cost them too much. Actually, awarded two penalties due to open hands is not expected from a top level team like Germany.

Team of the tournament

Uefa has announced the team of the tournament as follows:
The team (4-2-3-1): Rui Patrício (Portugal); Joshua Kimmich (Germany), Jérôme Boateng (Germany), Pepe (Portugal), Raphaël Guerreiro (Portugal); Toni Kroos (Germany), Joe Allen (Wales); Antoine Griezmann (France), Aaron Ramsey (Wales), Dimitri Payet (France); Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal).
There were some controversial choices, such as Boateng who could have been replaced by Giorgio Chiellini or Leonardo Bonucci; Radja Nainggolan could have been chosen; however, the big question is Ronaldo who hasn’t done any especial things throughout the games. Gareth Bale and Olivier Giroud seems more deserved to be in the team of the tournament than Ronaldo.

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