Why have Juventus been eliminated?

After the brilliant first half result 0-2, Juventus conceded the second goal at the 89th minute and then fell down in extra time by an undeserved defeat 4-2 against Bayern Munich. The Bianconeri could go through, but some reasons didn’t allow them to be achieved. A few of them seem controllable while others were out of hand.

Peace Removal
Thanks to Alvaro Morata and Juan Cuadrado pace, Juve were so dangerous in counter-attacks. They not only created some great chances, but also kept Bayern defenders back, so the German side couldn’t attack with all of their ability. When Max Allegri replaced Morata by Mario Manzukic and then Cuadrado by Pereira, his side lost its big advantage and let Bayern defenders to be relaxed and participate in attack. “I introduced someone fresh like Mandzukic who could hold the ball up. I thought Bayern’s two little defenders at the back couldn’t put up with him”, Allegri concludes about his decision in football-italia.net, and Pepe Guardiola comments in Football-italia.net prove Allegri’s mistake, “It was difficult for us to deal with Morata, but when Mandzukic came on we were able to control it better.” Anyway if Italian tactician was supposed to change Morata, he should have sent Simone Zaza to the field.

Vulnerable Left Side
Five of total six Bayern goals were scored or established from the left side where Patrice Evra plays. In the second leg match, in the scene of the second goal which was made only two minutes to go, instead of sending the ball far away, the Frenchman tried an unnecessary action to dribble Arturo Vidal which led to losing the ball and to convert the tie for the host. In the second half of extra time, his poor head resulted to the German side third goal which was decisive. In the scene of the fourth goal, he wasn’t in his position such as Bayern’s second goal in the first match. His footprint is recognized in all Bayern goals.

The Referee Decisions
“Errors at this level are costly.” It is Juventus Bepe Marrota words in football-italia.net where he blamed the referee. At the high level, each wrong whistle could be too effective, and in this encounter (first-leg and second-leg) there are so many poor decisions against the black and white. In the first game, Vidal’s handball was a penalty, but wasn’t given, then Bayern’s first goal seemed offside because Robert Lewandowski blocked Gianluigi Buffon view, and the second goal was made after the Polish man dropped Leonardo Bonucci which was called as a foul. In the second match, Morata intact goal was disallowed and Bayern’s fourth goal was netted after Paul Pogba loses the ball due to a Bayern defender foul which was overlooked by the referee. Regardless of some inaccurate whistles in favor of Bayern, five big mistakes are too much and seemed enough to destroy any team in the world.

So far in the current season, Juventus have had many injuries that affected them (normally Fitness coach and medical department are known responsible for that). The Italian giants started the game without their two key players Claudio Marchisio and Paulo Dybala who could be decisive. The Argentian pace and skill could hurt Bayern defence, it has what Juve felt as the absence because they have only Morata and Cuadrado. Marchisio is a great leader in the field who runs, shoots, fights, and gives good passes, but his substitute Hernanes, do none of above. In some scene it seems he couldn’t even run such as Bayern second goal in the first leg match and the last one in the second game. Giorgio Chiellini missed the match due to injury, but Juve central backs worked well, so his absence wasn’t impressive.

First Half of The First Leg
Juve started too defensive in the first leg and after conceding the second goal changed their system and tied the match. If the Italian side would play a balanced game from the beginning of the first leg, they would have got a better result in that game and in many possibilities in aggregate. This mistake happened unwittingly in the second leg when the lack of fast and skillful offensive players like Morata and Cuadrado forced Juventus to play too defensively, and the cost was much.

2 thoughts on “Why have Juventus been eliminated?

  • March 17, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    So good!!!!! Great article

  • March 17, 2016 at 8:30 pm

    Juventus go out of Champions League, beacuse I think, Allegri make a big mistake.
    For example Morata out Is bad decision, And Sturaro for Kedira Is the same.
    If He play antil the end like all Match, I Dont think Juventus lost.


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